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Girl Scout Troop 9362
(Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)
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GSUSA observes several significant days in the history of Girl Scouting in the US.

October 31 -- Founder's Day


The birthday of GSUSA founder Juliette Gordon Low. 

February 22 -- World Thinking Day


To commemorate the birthdays of Girl Scouts/Girl Guides founder Sir Robert Baden-Powell and Lady Olave Baden-Powell, and to celebrate Girl Scouting/Guiding worldwide.  

March 12 -- Girl Scout Anniversary


The birthday of the first Girl Scouting troop in the US. 


The week in which the Girl Scout Anniversary falls.



April 22 -- Girl Scout Leader's Day
To honor Girl Scout adult volunteers.

You can learn more about Girl Scout Holidays here.




                        Girl Scout Motto                                      Girl Scout Slogan
                        "Be prepared."                                         "Do a good turn daily."

Girl Scout Sign          


Because Girl Scouts is a special group, we have special signs and special ways to greet each other. The Girl Scout sign is made by raising three fingers of the right hand. This sign stands for the three parts of the Promise. You give the Sign when:

You say the Promise.

You are welcomed into Girl Scouting at an investiture ceremony.

You receive a patch or badge.

You greet other Girl Scouts and Girl Guides.


 Girl Scout Handshake


A formal way of greeting other Girl Scouts and Girl Guides. You shake hands with the left hand and give the Girl Scout sign with your right hand.


Friendship Circle

A circle formed by Girl Scouts standing and clasping hands. (Before they reach for each other's hands, girls cross their right hand overt heir left.) The circle represents the unbroken chain of friendship among Girl Scouts and Girl Guides all over the world.

        Friendship Squeeze


A hand squeeze that travels around a friendship circle from one person to another after someone starts it.  





These are small handicrafts made by scouts to exchange with other scouts at Girl Scout events and activities.

Click on the icon to learn more about Girl Scout SWAPS.