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"Trefoil" means three leaves. Each leaf in the traditional or contemporary Girl Scout trefoil stands for a part of the Girl Scout Promise – 1) to serve God and my country, 2) to help people at all times, and 3) to live by the Girl Scout Law.


Traditional Girl Scout Trefoil


Inside the Traditional Girl Scout trefoil is the American eagle and shield, which are part of the Great Seal of the United States of America. The eagle is a symbol of strength and victory, and the shield on the eagle's breast signifies self-reliance. In his talons, he clutches on his right an olive branch, the symbol of peace, and on his left, a shaft of arrows, the symbol of might. The eagle faces right, which is the position of honor, looking toward the symbol of peace. The eagle and shield inside the trefoil signify that Girl Scouts stand ready to serve their country.


Contemporary Girl Scout Trefoil


The Contemporary Girl Scout trefoil, which was introduced in 1978, symbolizes both the contemporary and continuing commitment to the three-part Promise in its trefoil shape.

The three faces stand for the diversity of Girl Scouting and its focus on girls.

World Trefoil

The World Trefoil pin represents membership in the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts (WAGGGS).

Every part of the World Trefoil has a meaning:

• The golden trefoil on a bright blue background represents the sun shining over all the children of the world;

• The three leaves represent the threefold Promise as originally laid down by the founder, Juliette Low;

• The base of the stalk represents the flame of the love of humanity;

• The vein pointing upwards through the center of the trefoil represents the compass needle pointing the way;

• The two stars represent the Promise and Law.